Abanonded Truck Reclaimed, Rural, NM
Abandoned Restaurant Detail #! , Pecos, West TX
Snow Covered Clothes for Sale, Idaho City, ID
Paartial Reconstruction, Bottle House, Ryoolite, N
Victorian Doll in Window, Viriginia City, NV
Alien Fresh Jerky, Hwy. Intersection, NV
Wheel, Death Valley Harmony Borax Works, CA
Sidewalk Scene, Belmont, NV
Florist and Liquor Store, Eureka, NV
Lay-a-way, abandoned, Pecos, TX
Abanonded Stove and Home, Gold Point, NV
Grave Scene, Northern Nevada
Second Hand Business, Idaho City, ID
Weenie World, Rural, Northern CA
Keep Out, Idaho City, ID
Graveyard Scene, Vinton, CA
Emporium, Manhattan, NV
Harmony Borax Works, Death Valley, CA
Christmas Madonna, Idaho City, ID
Occasional Restaurant, Austin, NV
Second Hand, Idaho City, ID
Crosses, Gold Field, NV
Abandoned Wheel, Belmont, NV
Porter's Store, est. 1906, Ryolite, NV
Austin Turquoise, Lumber and Tires, Austin, NV
Happpy Hooker Towing, Gold Field, NV
Zia Theater with Painted Figures, Ft. Sumner, NM
Scene, Cemetery,Vinton, CA
Vinton6, CA
Petroglyph, rural, NV
Open for Lunch, Portello, CA
Bar and Library, Austin, NV
Cowboy Church, near Texas and New Mexico Border
Window1, Abandoned Restaurant, Pecos, TX
Zia Theater with painted Citizens, Ft. Sumner, NV
Abandoned Restaurant Window, Pecos, TX
Child's Grave, Nevada
Drinking Fountain, Laundry Room, Idaho State Pen.
Abandoned Wagon, Death Valley, CA
Austin Turqoise, Austin, NV (color)
Stone Form, Bandolier Park, NM
Justice, Virginia City, NV
Abandoned Store, Eureka, NV
Vinton Gravesite, Vinton, CA
Vinton Gravesite (Color), Vinton, CA
Science, Religion, Patriotism, Fredericksburg, TX
Nu Grape Soda, Idaho City, ID
Tom's Treasures, Austin, NV
Lazy "D" Brothel, Northern NV
Blatz, Idaho City, ID
Hostess, James Brothers'' Farm Home, MO