The Universal Appeal of Coke, Roswell, NM
McDonalds, Roswell, NM
Urban Tree, Manahattan, NYC
House Entrance, Reno, NV
Automotive, San Antonio, TX
Little Chapel, Adult Movies and Las Vegas, NV
Roswell Wal-Mart with Flag, NM
Nob Hill Signage, Albuquerque, NM
:Liquor Display, Manhattan, NYC
Fremont St., Evening Scene, Las Vegas, NV
Inmate Cell B&W, Abandoned Boise State Prison, ID
Joys of Material Culture, Las Vegas, NV
Crosswalk, Crown Center, Kansas City, MO
Medicinal Teas, Chinatown, NYC
Inmate Cell, Old Idaho State Prison, Boise, ID
Widnow Scene, Albuquerque, NM
Well-Rubbed Relief, Riviera Casino, LV, NV
Signage, Idaho City, ID
Melody Land Church Services, Anaheim, CA
Who is God, Poster, Washington, DC
Recycled Furniture and Divorce, Reno, NV
Statue of Ghandi, Manhattan, NYC
Colored Entrance, New Orleans, LA
Patio, Manhattan, NYC
Akis Street Scene, Manhattan, NYC
Private Entertainers Card Display, Las Vegas Blvd.
FinalSuperSale, Manhattan, NYC
Casino, Las Vegas Blvd., LV, NV
Patriotic Vacuum Shop, Reno, NV
Scene, MGM Grande, Las Vegas, NV
Brothel Signage, Hwy. 415, NV
Window Mannequin, Tattoo Shop, Albuquerque, NM
Liion at Entrance, Manhattan, NYC
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle, Las Vegas, NV
Petting Lion 2, Las Vegas, NV
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, Las Vegas, NV
Grave Marker, Lower Manhattan, NYC
Grave Marker, Boston, MA
Elvis Slept Here, Las Vegas, NV
El Especialito, Manhattan, NYC
Roswell Walmart Scene, Roswell, NM
Shaved Ice, Roswell, NM
Statues, San Francisco, CA
Saucer MacDonalds, Roswell, NM
Touch, Las Vegas, NV
Sleeping Rooms, Day Labor, Phoenix, AZ
Enjoyment, Port Aransas, TX
Urban Scene, Manhattan, NYC
Museum, Roswell, NM
Genders, Las Vegas, NV
Warning, Free Distribution Publ., Las Vegas, NV
Riveria Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas Blvd., NV
GoldenWestHotel, Downtown, Phoenix, AZ
Beantown Trolley, Boston, MA
Display, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, LV, NV
Scene, Treasure Island, LVBD, LV, NV
We Do Catering, Manhattan, NYC
Bail Bonds, Roswell, NM
University Bldg., Iowa City, IA
Seasons Greetings, Manhattan, NYC
John E. Carson Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Houston, TX, Study #2
Houston, TX, Study #1
Moonochrome, Scuplture, LV, NV
StonewallJackson, Monument Ave., Richmond, VA 2009