Gerald John Davey, Ph. D.
       Department of Media Communications
San Antonio College
San Antonio, TX 78210
    email: geralddavey7@gmail.com
      Ph: 210-829-5666 (H)
      Ph: 210-785-6277 (W)
San Antonio College (2000-Present): Introduction to Mass Communications; Survey of Broadcasting; Programming; Broadcasting News Writing and Production (incl. video field production), Writing for Broadcasting. Created web-based version of Introduction to Mass Communication with video and audio content fully synchronized by accompanying written text and description for the hearing impaired, first taught in Spring, 2003. Web Course Developer and Instructor Certification Awarded, Fall, 2003.
Recent Teaching Awards: Top Professors in San Antonio,  selected by San
     Antonio College, Scene In SA Magazine, December, 2006
University of Texas, Austin/NISOD Excellence inTeaching Award, 2006
San Antonio College Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award,
Trinity University (1992-1998): Documentary: Theory and History; Documentary Production (video and still). Mass Media (Media Systems); Media Messages (Introduction to media production techniques, visual communication, media interpretation and criticism); Print Production [Desktop Publ.]: Design Theory, technique, production and publication; News, Feature, Editorial Writing and Editing; [Department and Student Evaluations rank teaching consistently as “excellent” or “outstanding.”]
The University of Iowa (1987-92): Photojournalism Workshop [graduate and undergraduate]; Visual Communication [graduate and undergraduate]; News Writing and Reporting; Social and Historical Foundations of Mass Communication.    
University of Iowa Award: Outstanding Teaching Assistant, 1991.
Ph.D., Mass Communication                                                         August, 1992
   The School of Journalism and Mass Communications
   The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242
Master of Divinity                                                                              March, 1983
    The Chicago Theological Seminary
    5757 S. Woodlawn Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60637
(Ph. D. Candidacy Earned: Early Modern History)                           June, 1972
       Dept. of History                           
       Stanford University                                 
       Palo Alto, CA   
Master of Arts, History                                                                      August, 1971
     The University of Iowa
     Iowa, City, IA 52242
Bachelor of Arts, with Honors in History                                           August, 1969       
     The University of Iowa
      Iowa City, IA 52242
     Sixteen photographic images included in Dr. Paul Martin Lester’s Visual Communication: Media with Messages, 5th ed. Wadsworth, Fall, 2009; 6th ed. Wadsworth, Jan 1, 2013). The images are: Bottle House, Rhyolite, NV, 2002; Woman Behind Glass Door, NYC, 2000;  Worker, LV, NV 1999; Little Chapel, Las Vegas, 1999; We Know What You Want, NYC, NY, 2000; "Colored Entrance," New Orleans, LA, 1997; Petroglyph, Rural NM, 2002; Restaurant Bar, Austin, NV, 2003; Vinton Cemetery #1, CA, 2002; Vinton Cemetery #2, CA, 2002.  
     "A Historical Approach to Understanding Documentary Photographs: Dialogue, Interpretation, and Method,” Handbook of Visual Communication: Theory, Methods, and Media, eds. Ken Smith, Sandra Moriarty, Gretchen Barbatsis, Keith Kenney (Routledge, London, UK, 2005)
      "Social Landscape Photography," professional website www.social-landscape-photo.com, linked by invitation to Visual Communication Faculty Workshop Resources (as classroom teaching resources), now also exhibiting through Saatchi Online and Art Limited. 
      “Social Landscape Photography,” Essay and Portfolio of Social Landscape Photographs, Visual Communication Quarterly, Winter, 1998.
         SILENT PARTNER  [Instructor and Editor of Story Line]: 26 min. video documentary; won 3rd place,  Silver State (National) Documentary Festival, Current Events Division, Las Vegas, NV, Summer, 1995.
         Human Rights/Human Wrongs: Art and Social Change, Ed. Hobbs, R. and Woodard, F. Museum of Art: The University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1986. (Photo Credits.)
Conference Papers:
          “Style and Substance: The FSA photography of Russell Lee, A Hermeneutic Reading,” Visual Communication Conference 11, Jackson, WY, June, 1997.
           “The Influence of Roy Stryker on Russell Lee's F.S.A. Documentary:  A   
 Discourse Analysis," Visual Communication Conference 8, Lake Tahoe, CA, June, 1994.  
          "The Limits of Photographic Interpretation: A Hermeneutic Appraisal," Speech Communication Association National Convention, Miami, FL, November, 1993. (Now National Communication Association.)
          “Hermeneutics, Method and Meta-Critique in the Interpretation of Photographs" (earlier version of the above), Seventh Annual Visual Communication Conference, Jackson Hole, WY, June, 1993.   
          “Hermeneutics, The Humanities and Ethnographic Theory in Mass Media
Research," Society for Applied Anthropology, San Antonio, TX, March, 1993. 
           "Experiencing Photographs 'as' Photographs," Annual Big-Ten Mini-Conference, Iowa City, IA, Fall, 1989.
Director of Planned Giving, The Chicago Theological Seminary,  1983-84
Director of Research and Records, The Chicago Theological Seminary, 1982-83
Photographer, The University of Iowa Museum of Art, 1986-1990 (one-half time and/or one-quarter time): Photographs for: FYI (University of Iowa newsletter for faculty and staff), University of Iowa Arts Calendar; The University of Iowa Press; slide exhibitions for statewide instruction; photographs for catalogs and exhibits; photographs for the Guggenheim, the American Craft Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, The Des Moines Register, the Iowa City Press Citizen, and other publications.
Freelance Photographer (1980-Present): Alfred A. Knopf (Random House), N. Y., N. Y.; Meadville-Lombard Theol. School, Chicago, IL; Pilgrim Press, Chicago, IL.; Studio Artists’ Photography for University of Iowa Art  Faculty Projects; General Studio Photography incl. Commercial, Portraiture, Photographic Restoration and Finishing, R. W. Lutz Studios, Iowa City, IA.
Faculty Internship: WOAI News, Summer, 2004
AWARDS: (Excluding Teaching Awards Cited Above)
         -Silver State Documentary Festival, Current Events Division, 3rd place,
                Summer, 1995, for  “SILENT PARTNER”  [Instructor] : 26 min. video  
                documentary production.
         -Trinity University Summer Research Stipend, 1994.
         -Murray Dissertation Research Grant, The School of Journalism and
                Mass Commication, 1991.
         -Murray Scholarship Grant, The University of Iowa, 1991.
         -Editor (elect), The Journal of Communication Inquiry, 1991
         -Pendergast Memorial Scholarship, The University of Iowa, 1987
         -Doctor of Ministry Fellowship, Chicago Theological Seminary, 1983
         -President’s Prize Fellowship, Chicago Theological Seminary, 1982
         -President's Prize Fellowship, Chicago Theological Seminary, 1981
         -Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA 1972
         -Honor's Program Graduate, The University of Iowa, 1969
Co-Chair and Judge, AEJMC Web Design Award, 2001
Judge/Reviewer, Qualitative Studies Division, AEJMC, New Orleans, 1999
Head, Media and Disabilities Division, AEJMC, Baltimore, 1998
Judge/Reviewer, Qualitative Studies Division, AEJMC, Baltimore, 1998
Vice Head, Media and Disabilities Interest Group, AEJMC, Chicago, 1997
Panelist, Repetitive Stress Injuries in Academe and the Workplace, AEJMC,
              Chicago, IL, 1997
Reviewer, Journalism and Mass Communication Monographs, 1997
Judge/Reviewer, AEJMC Qualitative Division, Chicago, IL, 1997
Divisional Name Study Committee, Qualitative Studies Division, 1997-8
Reviewer, AEJMC Communication Theory and Methodology Division,       
               Chicago, IL, 1997
Judge/Reviewer, ÆJMC Qualitative Division, Anaheim, CA, 1996
 Moderator,“ Literary Journalism, “Qualitative Division, ÆJMC National      
               Convention, Anaheim, CA, 1996
Judge/Reviewer, AEJMC Qualitative Division, Washington, D. C., 1995
Judge/Reviewer, AEJMC Visual Communication Division, Washington,
                 D. C., 1995
Moderator, AEJMC Visual Communication Division, Washington,
                 D. C., 1995
Judge, Annual Competition (1994), Texas Community Newspaper Association: Categories included: Best Front Page Design and Layout; Best Story; Best Photo Story.
    Executive Vice Presidential Search Committee, Adjunct Representative, San
         Antonio College, Spring, 2006.
    Elected Representative, Adjunct Faculty Council, San Antonio College, 2004-
    Adjunct Faculty Representative, Academic Council, San Antonio College,
    Chair, Critical Issues Committee, Adjunct Faculty Council, San Antonio 
         College, 2005-Present.
    Travel and Scholarship Fund-Raising Committee, AEJMC Visual
         Communication Division, 1995
    Publication Board, Trinity University, 1994-1997
    Writing Workshop Review Committee, Trinity University, 1993
    Graduate Student Representative, Graduate Admissions Committee,   
        The School of Journalism and Mass Communications, The University of
         Iowa, 1990-1991
ORGANIZATIONS: (Current and Recent)
AEJMC (Divisions and Interest Groups: Visual Communication, Qualitative    
      Studies, History, Comm. Theory and Methodology, International 
      Communication, Newspaper, Mass Comm and Society; Media and
      Disabilities Interest Group, Religion and Media Interest Group)
Mensa America, Ltd.
Kappa Tau Alpha (Journalism Honorary Society)
S.P.E. (Society of Photographic Educators)
Terry L. Tackitt, Former Chair, Dept. of Radio, Television and Film, San Antonio
         College, San Antonio, TX 78210
William Christ, Ph. D., Chair, Dept. of Communication, Trinity University, San
         Antonio, TX 78212
Sammye Johnson, Augustus de Lozano Distinguished Professor of
         Journalism, Dept. of Communication, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX 
Ken Starck, Ph. D., (Professor Emeritus) School of Journalism and Mass
        Communication, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52240